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Issues and Suggestions for the replay system

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Tungstonid #1 Posted 02 October 2016 - 10:12 PM

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Greetings fellow captains and video makers,


with this thread I want to express some problems I have with the current replay system and come up with some suggestions how to improve it. For some patches now I feel like nobody really cares about it and eventual improvements since everything you hear about it normally is „How do I activate?“.

It will be a rather long post so I will divide my ideas into different topics and give a TL;DR version at the end.




Motivation. Why should the replay system be taken care of?


Current issues that should be solved:


Suggestions on how to improve the replay system:


TL;DR version


As I wrote previously, I want to raise some more awareness about the replay system and its current state. I also hope that these ideas or at least parts of them will reach someone in the developer's corner and make them think. Currently the replay system is ok but with every update it gets less stable. Some controls already don't work and there is definitively room for improvement. It would be a shame to let this part of the game deteriorate because nobody updates and improves it.




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Some ideas about how to fix and improve the replay system.

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