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Some interesting info from RU

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Babykim #4521 Posted 06 August 2016 - 06:28 AM


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On the proliferation of aimbot on the RU server (food for thought)


As you may know, Lesta constantly fights the use of aimbot on the Russian cluster. They fortified the client against unwanted modifications, used server statistics to find the cheaters, etc. They had "public prosecution" by coloring cheaters nicknames in brown, and, of course, bans.


Vallter_ has mentioned that 508 users on the RU server have received a permanent ban for cheating. The Russian community demands the names to be revealed, which Lesta is reluctant to do.


One user sent Vallter_ the list of top 1000 players according to the ProShips ranking, a kind of XVM, asking to reveal how many top players have been banned.


According to Vallter_, of the top 1000 players 39 have been permanently banned, or nearly 4 percent.


Source: http://forum.worldof...-леста/#topmost

Sebastianul #4522 Posted 08 August 2016 - 11:06 PM


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WoWS TAP Q&A V – Answered Questions


Link to original post: https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2016/08/09/wows-tap-qa-v-answered-questions/


To other sites reposting this: please give credit to TAP. Seriously.


1. Are there any plans on the Dutch navy? How does WG want to materialize the tiers of smaller navies such as the Dutch in general; limited amount of realized ships or including many concept ships to fill up the tiers?


Now we are still working with branches of major naval nations, and there is still no Royal Navy in the game. So we do not consider additional incomplete branches currently. Some ships might be introduced as premiums.


2. Why is the Russian Navy implemented before the Royal Navy? Is it for economic reasons?


(Reasons are) not exactly economical. Of course, players from RU region were waiting for Soviet Navy, but WoWS is being published in other regions as well, equally important. The idea was to add two warring nations and by various reasons USSR-Germany pair was chosen. No other “special” reasons. Royal Navy’s implementation is inevitable (Implementation of at least one branch of RN was promised for this year – cruisers).

3. Can we expect to see more statistics options in game like in World of Tanks? (Like stats for individual ships and post game results of other players after a game).


Yes. Progress on this topic will be in 0.5.10 already. Follow the news! (Patch notes for 0.5.10 were published)


4. Will there be an option for players to display the Imperial Russian Navy flag in port and/or in the tech tree? Doesn’t make sense to have the Soviet flag in the background while the ship itself flies the IRN flag. The Storozhevoi for instance was a paper project and as such was never used by the Soviets.


This option is not planned. I would describe it as “would be nice to have, but of low priority”


5. Are there plans to implement fighter strafing ability? (for attacking the ships, I presume)


Yes, we would like to implement this feature. But we have many doubts about current CV gameplay. We would like to make it more player friendly and not so one-way win or lose. And not break overall class balance in the course (of changing CV gameplay). What exactly we are planning  – can’t say for now.


6. Are there chances for implementation of old fan kit’s ships (e.g. Akizuki)?

Chances are always there. Even for Kitakami. At least theoretically :)


7. What are the changes in statistics of high level U.S. CVs after 0.5.3?


We do not disclose server statistics without serious cause. Discussion of American CVs is very complicated because of the great influence of chosen flight control scheme.


8. Would you consider bringing back the space battle occasionally like you did before in beta? That was great fun.


Yes, we thought about it. But if we would do something for fun we would like to make something different.


9. Is there any possibility of new paint schemes or camouflage patterns? It would be cool if you could paint different sections separately. Example: top of the turrets.


Working plans – add more permanent camouflage patterns. In perspective we want to introduce decals: identifying insignia, side numbers, smokestacks’ rings, etc. But nothing specific yet.


10. Any thoughts on decals or names on ships?


Same as 9th.


11. I had plenty of tier8 + matches recently where both sides had like 6 DDs. Don’t you think that’s to much? Have you any thoughts on that?


We think that the best ratio is about 3-4 DDs, five as the maximum. Six is definitely over the top. We continue to work on the balance, to achieve proportional class presence in battles and make all classes appealing for different players.


12. A CV subclass is mentioned to come which includes refitted BB’s but also mentioned some interesting ships too: cruiser-carrier Tone and a maybe battleship Ise too in the CV subclass. My question is if this happens are the Tone and Ise will be an unique ships gameplay wise? So basically a crusier/battleship what can launch for example a squadron of torpedo bombers?


This question is not currently at work, because of other more urgent matters.


13. Did any recent game mechanic changes affected negatively the Warspite? Or do you changed its armor effectiveness? Some players feels it is less tanky than before. And how is it performing stat-wise?


No and no. Warspite is one of the ambiguous ships in the game. She is behaving fine statistic-wise, but some players feel very uncomfortable about her. We are watching this issue closely and made some minor improvements lately. We want to enhance comfort (of her owners) while not making the ship imbalanced, or lose her “individuality”.


14. What is the fate of Buffalo and Worcester cruisers?


All I can say is that these ships sooner or later will make it to the game. We have such plans but nothing specific for the moment.


15. After the change to Expert Marksmen, are there any plans to undo the nerf to Mogami’s 155mm turret rotation and survivability? (it used to be 40 seconds traverse).  51.4 seconds is a bit too slow for a stock grind considering the range is only 13 km stock.


We would think about it but as the result of changes to Mogami, from imbalanced it evolved to normal, in balance. We do not want to compensate anything. As for choice between 155 and 203 mm – this is probably a false conception (e.g. game design decision).


16. According to this response: “The experience was positive, but we’d do it if Turkish, Dutch or Spanish players played more actively. Polish players play quite a lot, so we released Blyskawica. The same applies to the Pan-Asian ships.” . Following that way, can we expect to see some ships introduced from South America navies, like Argentina, Brazil, Chile, etc in the game, if the statistics show much activity from the playerbase of that region?


Yes, definitely.


17. Would you consider adding Hamburg as a harbor to WoWs?


That is not a question, but a direct suggestion :). We do not have such plans.

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Carnotzet #4523 Posted 09 August 2016 - 03:50 PM

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Latest Q&A (9 August). Source

1. When do you plan to start the next season of Ranked battles (fifth one)?

A. I cannot say yet, but it is certain we do not plan to take out Ranked battles for long. Follow the news.

2. I understand that you are trying to hold back the release of the new branch until the Gamescon but, for now, the patch looks a little but thin (except the new branch and the suppression of failed division).

On another topic, are you happy giving players so many updates so often?

A. In addition to the release of the new branch, the suppression of failed divisions and other positive changes, patch 0.5.10 will bring:

  • Statistics for each individual ships directly in the client;
  • New data (spotting, tanking, damage to spotted enemies);
  • New log for sunk ships (that which is above the minimap);
  • Update concerning the crit ribbons;
  • Improved game sounds, including a very interesting solution for the sound of radar and hydro consumables;
  • Greatly improved Fault Line and Two Brothers maps;
  • Improvements for new players (changes made to tier 1 ships);
  • Adjusted settings for the Cyclone even and Domination mode according to players' wishes;
  • Removed friendly fire from secondary guns, again, according to players' wishes.
  • Optimisation of several interface operations;
  • Put in order BB's shells normalisation;
  • Added colour filters for those who need it, including the players who are colour blind.

If you add up these changes with the release of a new branch, patch 0.5.10 does not look that bad.

Regarding the patch release cycle, the three-week cycle we are currently working with allows us to quickly react to changes made to the game and to your suggestions. We are aware that it has its flaws too. But, as far as we are concerned, we believe it has more ups than downs. We will try to release more content, but not at the expense of quality. We will also work on reducing the updates size.

3. Regarding the new high tier German BB's, doesn't it bother you that Friedrich der Große has 84'300 HP and Großer Kurfürst only has 3700 more HP (88'000)?

A. We plan to increase it to 105k. It is not necessary to discuss the combat capabilities of unreleased ships.

EDIT: added one question from the previous Q&A which I found could be interesting for some players.

Bonus. Do you have any plans regarding Baltimore? It isn't a secret to anyone that, according to statistics, she's the worst performing tier 9 cruiser?

A. In the very near future, she will receive a buff from the shell normalisation changes we wish to introduce in patch 0.5.10.

In a more distant future, we plan to implement other changes to underperforming ships, including Baltimore. For now, unfortunately, I cannot say anything about it.


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Carnotzet #4524 Posted 10 August 2016 - 03:57 PM

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Latest Q&A (10 August). Source

[Disclaimer: please be reminded that the following information comes from the Russian-speaking community and thus certain information may not apply to other clusters.]

1. My question concerns the latest collection of data regarding spotting and tanking. More particularly tanking. Is it possible, technically speaking, to monitor conditions where a player is tanking? In other words, do evading volleys at the border of the map and maneuvering between four battleships have different weights that come into the calculation of tanking? If so, will they be rewarded differently?

A. At the moment, it is not possible, but, according to our data, players who are more active during battles receive more tanking rewards. If, in the future, we see an urgent need to do so, we will add logging conditions.

2. It's no secret that a large part of the community is waiting for clans (in one form or another).

We know that it's being worked on, etc., etc. and that it will be released someday.

So I wanted to know what department is assigned to this work and what parallel work (maybe more important tasks than clan functionality) they are assigned to?

A. It is in the hands of the team that is in charge of what we call the metagame (economy, ranked battles, team battles, etc.), together with colleagues from Minsk who are working on clans and the global map in general. We plan to present their work to the players before the end of the year. We will try really hard to.

3. Where is the long-due armour visualisation feature?

A. It is nearly ready. We will make some final changes and will try to release it in one of the next few updates. If you recall, we promised we would release it in 2016. There is still time until then.

4. Not so long ago, you explained that developers are happy with how fire mechanics are working. One of the arguments presented was that cruisers need to have a chance against battleships. I concur but my question is not about that.

If we take into account the fact that cruisers need to have a fighting chance against battleships, then what about battleships who get burnt to the ground by invis-fire?

If you want, we can discount firing from smoke. Even then, what can a battleship player do when a cruiser fires on him from stealth? Since he cannot catch him, he doesn't stand a chance.

A. The situation you described is indeed possible, especially in 1v1 duels. On the other hand, a battleship can also remove more than half the HP's of a cruiser in one salvo.

Currently, we do not think invis-fire is harmful since it requires a very specific build (which makes the ship weaker in other areas) and cannot be used very often in battle when there are many players.


Regarding fires mechanics, since you asked, I will answer the question in details; I know there are many players interested in this matter that believe fires are more deadly than what they actually are. This is often the case with battleships captains. As an example, let us take tier 8-10 battleships, since it is a widely discussed topic.


1. Battleships popularity in general

The statistics regarding the RU-cluster from January to July show that battleships popularity is stable and even slightly increased. If we take all standard battles played on the cluster during that period, battleships representation increased from 32.9 to 35.1%. Thus, they make up slightly more than a third of all ships. There is no reason not to expect a slight increase in popularity with the release of the German battleships, or, more accurately, there is no reason to expect a decrease at least.


2. Battleship damage distribution (damage received)

During the last 30 days, battleships largest source of damage received comes from AP shells (42% - 45.6%), torpedoes plus flooding (19.9% - 20.2%). HE shells account for 16.8% - 17.8% and fires, 14.5% - 17.6%. Also remember that citadel damage can be healed by 10% (that is of course damage from AP shells and torpedoes direct damage), damage to the superstructure, stern and bow by 50% (here we can also add damage from HE shells and bombs), and damage from fires and flooding can be fully healed. That is why a badly damaged battleship can withdraw from battle to heal up and come with as much as half of his HP back.


3. Combat effectiveness

Regarding the potential for dealing damage, battleships do not disappoint, combining the roles of damage dealers and tanks. Their concurrents are carriers and in about every category, there is a tough fight going on between these two classes regarding who is the best.

Destroyers and cruisers, which, according to some players, burn the poor battleships and flood them under waves of torpedoes cannot even dream of dealing that much damage. Moreover, according to those same players, battleships are easy food for these classes since they have a lot of HP on which to feed.

Regarding winrate, battleships are about the same as other classes.

Their AA is normal (only cruisers are above them because of their barrage ability).

Survivability (% of battles in which a ship has survived until the end) for battleships is considerably higher than for cruisers or destroyers.


4. A very brief summary

Battleships are played. Battleships survive. Battleships inflict damage. Battleships are a good and useful class. If we were to buff them, by increasing their survivability (especially against fires and HE shells), they would be overpowered. Our game would become World of Battleships. And that is bad. 35.1% popularity, we can live with that. But it is bordering on being too much.

So, if we were to follow players' suggestions, we would have to nerf them in another way. If they had a better survivability, we would have to nerf their damage for example, and according to our experience, such change would not be well received by players.

That is why we do not plan to make any considerable changes to battleship balance or to fire mechanics. 

Edit: added a question I forgot.

5. I once asked if you thought that Moskva was performing too well. You said no.


I also asked the same question about Khabarovsk


So, here's my question. You plan to nerf Zao, but you don't see any problems with the overperforming Moskva.

Even Yamato cannot pen its bow.

Please tell me, is it a coincidence that a nation with such a mediocre fleet, of which half the branch is paper ships perform so well?

A. Cruiser Moskva and destroyer Khabarovsk have one characteristic in common: they are nearly ideal to fight against their pairs. On the other hand, they also share a common disadvantage: a high detection range. It is easier to avoid 1v1 duel with them than it is with other ships. And firing on them is the same as with other ships. Moskva is easily (and more importantly, more constantly) damaged by battleships and Khabarovsk, by cruisers.

We can say that these ships have a very distinctive role and a very distinctive disadvantage. They are bullies, who can give their pairs hell but who can be easily taken down by the "adults" (by the class above).

In the current gameplay, we do not see the necessity to nerf their characteristics. Improve their concurrents, that is entirely possible.

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Carnotzet #4525 Posted 12 August 2016 - 05:49 PM

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Quite uninteresting Q&A today (12 August). Really, only one question I thought was worth translating. Source

1. How will the tanking functionality work? With shells and torpedoes?

A. Currently, the mechanic is as follows : your ship has a "virtual" circle of 700 meters (test value) around it. Every shell and bomb that fall in this circle, and every torpedo that run through it are calculated in the tanking statistic. Your ship does not need to be visible or locked by an enemy for "tanking" to register since, after all, blind firing exists.

If objective motives arise and compel us to redo this mechanic, we will. So far, taking into account the data we have collected for two versions, it looks good.


Carnotzet #4526 Posted 14 August 2016 - 02:35 PM

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READ FIRST : In order to keep this thread as clean and readable as possible, please discuss this post or any previous or following news post in the appropriate thread found HERE.

According to this post, Soviet battleships are planned to be added next year.

Now, we don't know if it concerns a full branch or only a few premium ships (even if the formulation seems to point at the former).

Please be cautious when taking this information for granted since plans can always be altered. It is but one statement made by one developer and is not to be taken as an official announcement. I know how plans for new branches can get people all worked up (especially when the new branch happens to be a Soviet one) so please don't jump the gun and start a flame war for nothing. Besides, we have no information on the other branches WG is planning to release next year. Thank you.

Babykim #4527 Posted 15 August 2016 - 09:34 AM


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Here is a summary of the digest by getfun of a stream with Vlegris


1). IJN Zao, which is known to have better average stats than all other tier X cruisers, will not be nerfed. The other cruisers will be somewhat buffed instead.


2). When a new US cruiser branch is released, USS Cleveland will be moved to a higher tier, whereas USS Baltimore might be moved to a lower tier. When all this will happen is unknown.


3). IJN Katakami is not considered as an award for ranked battles. The developers are still thinking what to do with it. It might appear at the end of the year.


4). The 17th of September is the birthday of World of Warships. The developers will try their best to please the players, especially the veterans.


Source: https://www.youtube....h?v=WB0RLFZLzRw

Takru #4528 Posted 18 August 2016 - 07:49 AM


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Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/4y7kbu/0510_quena_today_6_pm_pacific_aug_17/


Block Quote


US CV changes: Right now we are considering how we could buff US CVs in a future patch. Our current thoughts are to first buff the fighters so that they are more effective against their IJN counterparts, how exactly – we aren't sure yet. Definitely not in terms of dealing damage. Not sure which patch this will be added to. Please note this is still very subject to change.


WOWS Soundtrack: Most of you have probably seen this already but it was asked about several times here about the soundtrack for our game. Well it's finally available for free! Check out our Soundcloud page and portal article for more info


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/4y7kbu/0510_quena_today_6_pm_pacific_aug_17/d6lnat9


Block Quote

I don't think we will be able to squeeze another Premium CV in before the end of this year but we should have some coming in 2017


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/4y7kbu/0510_quena_today_6_pm_pacific_aug_17/d6ln38c


Block Quote

 Armor Viewer is looking like it might make it into 0.5.11, Carrier UI is still a few patches away.


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/4y7kbu/0510_quena_today_6_pm_pacific_aug_17/d6lps0a


Block Quote

 Still working on fixes for Team Battles. New season of Ranked will come first


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/4y7kbu/0510_quena_today_6_pm_pacific_aug_17/d6lseru


Answer to a question regarding manual control of catapult planes:

Block Quote

 We prefer to not let players control them if we can avoid it. It caused problems for the player and balance when we have that feature. DDs were impacted probably the most but especially new folks would loose focus of what's happening to thier ship and stop paying attention to how much damage they were taking.


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/4y7kbu/0510_quena_today_6_pm_pacific_aug_17/d6lslll


Block Quote

1 . As of a few days ago, we have gathered all the feedback from each region and are defining what season 5 will look like. I've thrown in some suggests for what I think can improve Ranked from the feedback I've received but here are a few things I think we will address for sure:

  • Map Modes - We will probably be removing a certain mode to help keep the battle dynamic

  • Top Score Star - It's something we are going to rework for sure. Possibly expand it to the top 2-3 players or a more drastic change to the system

  • DD - Some of this will be solved by the new MM as the recent Ranked season was running on the old code. Reworking the rewards for EXP and Credits for other actions is another big part of the puzzle here

  • Tier level is still being decided. We are looking at if there is a comfortable enough level of pop for higher tiers in NA

2 . Right now we don't have any plans to add or split HMS lines in the near future but it's something both the community and internally we have been discussing what that split could look like for a while




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Tora Tora Tora!

Carnotzet #4529 Posted 18 August 2016 - 03:34 PM

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READ FIRST : In order to keep this thread as clean and readable as possible, please discuss this post or any previous or following news post in the appropriate thread found HERE.

Latest Q&A (18 August). Source.

1. [Long question regarding Arkansas' lack of AA] In brief: Why does Arkansas lack AA? She gets slaughtered in battles with two CV's on both sides.

A. Because it is her weakness, which is counterbalanced by the fact she has access to all upgrade slots.

However, regarding CV's at low tiers, you are correct, there is indeed a problem. We are looking into it.

2. Why isn't there a permanent camouflage for Udaloi? Will she get one?

A. We did not find the time to create it yet. It is planned to be added in 0.5.11 though.

3. When will Polish national voice-over be added?

A. In 0.5.12.

4.a. When will you improve CV's interface?

A. We are working on it. Truth be told, this task is far from being an easy one.

4.b Will you add new CV branches?

A. In the short or medium term, we will not. We have some long term plans though, but it is still too soon to speak about them.

5. Why aren't there any heavy cruisers in the British cruiser line?

A. It is the concept we have decided for that line: light cruisers. We will add heavy cruisers as well, but at a later date.

Some of them may also appear as premium ships. In brief, do not worry, the completed "British tree" is planned to be interesting and diverse.


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Takeda92 #4530 Posted 19 August 2016 - 03:43 PM


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I'm not gonna translate all of it, but I found 2 interesting info:


- Low tier CVs are nerfed (Babies strike again!)

- Polish national voice-over coming in 5.12

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Unintentional_submarine #4531 Posted 26 August 2016 - 10:25 PM


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NEWS, yes there are news.


Long interview, a few bullet points are: Bastion is presently only being played enough to collect stats on (want to improve it), Bastion might feature capturable airfields in the future, RN cruisers will feature single launch torpedos (possibly exclusively, depends on how well it pans out), interesting talk about premium CV and next CV line (RN surprise surprise), German and Soviet CVs are not on the table (as translated from a past Q&A on the RU forums). Carrier controls/UI talks included.


Essentially an interview well worth listening to. And I suggest people remove all outside sounds if they can, Arthur, the WG Global Producer (that's Ev1n btw) has one of those calm voices that are a little hard to hear, and the sound quality/volume is uneven at times.


Thank you WGNA for this service.

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- World of Warships is a game featuring ten tiers, three of which are Tier 7.

Takru #4532 Posted 26 August 2016 - 10:54 PM


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Someone wrote down what the video is about





  • British Light Cruiser line was thought to be different in the game and to introduce a new component in the game. Light Cruisers with small calibre guns, but fast and hight fire rate.
  • British Cruisers will be out by late September or start of October
  • Possible that British Cruisers might be able to fire single torpedoes, and this will be unique to British Navy
  • For now, the Single Torpedo feature would be just for British Cruisers, if proven to work and that the players like, might be introduced to other nations cruisers.
  • Artur is scared to introduce this to Destroyers because that it would most probably require a massive rebalance.
  • WG isn’t happy with the dynamics of high tier battles. Is not as dynamic as mid tier, so it’s not fun for players. There’s a few things WG would like to do, there’s a lot of brain storming with a huge list of ideas to improve high tiers battles. Some things don’t make it to production, others do.
  • Artur himself is not a fan on how it is now, he believes it needs more polishing.
  • Environmental components are being worked on and other things that can be interacted with will have different affects to gameplay, he hopes that these new things will bring more diversity to the battles.
  • Stott says players are asking if they can get the new Bastion mode more times, because a lot of them claim they only got it a couple of times and they can’t get a fell of how this mode is. Artur says this is intentional, they know that Bastion mode is not for everybody, it’s for now it’s just for WG collect some date from people playing it. Later in the future it might be more common when they know its balanced to what they expect it to be. Also there is a possibility to get it as an option in the drop down menu but Artur is not a fan of this.
  • Artur says that at Gamescom players asked when they will be more carriers introduced in the game, because the players who play them the most, already got all of them or almost all of them. British will be most probably be the next nation to get Carriers, but not any time soon.
  • German and Russian nations most probably won’t get a Carrier Tree introduced, because of lack of material to build these trees.
  • Wargaming doesn’t want to introduce two full lines of project ships, another reason for not introducing German and Russian Carrier trees.
  • As far Premium Carriers, reason there aren’t any more released its because it wasn’t planned. Wargaming didn’t though Premium Carriers wouldn’t be popular, specially because on how carrier gameplay is at the moment. Wargaming was surprised that Saipan got so popular.
  • There are Premium Carriers planned to be introduced next year.
  • Artur doesn’t see big changes on carriers balancing in the future. High Tier American fighters might be balanced, but Artur is not sure what they will do after that. It’s a step by step changes, WG doesn’t want to make players unhappy or irritated with the changes.
  • Artur doesn’t think they should be doing stupid mistakes with quick changes. He believes its good that World of Warships team reacts quickly to problems, but he doesn’t it to be too fast and resulting in errors.

Tora Tora Tora!

Takru #4533 Posted 31 August 2016 - 04:20 PM


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  Aircraft (Aircraft Carrier, Stock then Top) Tier Speed Hit Points Loadout Average DPS
USN Grumman F8F (Midway) X 181 knots 2060 48 80
IJN Mitsubishi A8M (Hakuyruu) X 180 knots 2030 30 87
USN Vought F4U-4 (Saipan, Essex, Midway) IX 178 knots 1910 54 70
IJN Mitsubishi A7M1 (Taihou, Hakuyruu) IX 176 knots 1830 35 73
USN Vought F4U-1 (Lexington, Essex) VIII 169 knots 1700 61 63
IJN Kawanishi N1K5-A (Shoukaku, Taihou) VIII 171 knots 1660 38 70
USN Grumman F6F-5 (Ranger, Lexington) VII 166 knots 1560 72 56
IJN Mitsubishi A6M5c (Hiryuu, Shoukaku) VII 162 knots 1410 46 58
USN Grumman F6F-3 (Independence, Ranger) VI 164 knots 1380 87 50
IJN Mitsubishi A6M2 (Ryuujou, Hiryuu) VI 162 knots 1210 60 44
USN Grumman F4F-4 (Bogue, Independence) V 156 knots 1090 111 43
USN GM FM-2 (Bogue) V 153 knots 1070 114 40
IJN Mitsubishi A5M4 (Hoshou, Zuihou) V 154 knots 990 78 35
USN Grumman F4F-3 (Bogue) IV 157 knots 900 152 33
USN Grumman F3F (Langley) IV 142 knots 820 157 29
IJN Nakajima A4N (Hoshou) III 139 knots 640 148 21
USN Boeing F4B (Langley) III 132 knots 600 227 21

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Quemapueblos on the state of the game. Beware that he's referring to Ev1n every now and then and that this is of dubious value as we know we can't trust Ev1n.


An hour long interview of varying audio quality. May be someone would volunteer to do a brief summary?

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Sry . But actually no News /Infos from RU ??



Takru #4536 Posted 01 September 2016 - 04:15 PM


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View PostCarnivore81, on 31 August 2016 - 08:38 PM, said:

Sry . But actually no News /Infos from RU ??


As I understand it, Carnotzet is quite busy these days. Other than Babykim, I don't know anybody else who does speak Russian. Unless the community can convince him in some way to use his language skills for the benefit of all of us, or unless there is someone else who would want to, I am afraid we're relying on google translate.


(Sorry for non-info post, but in this case it might actually be an information worth sharing)

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View PostTakru, on 31 August 2016 - 05:25 PM, said:



Quemapueblos on the state of the game. Beware that he's referring to Ev1n every now and then and that this is of dubious value as we know we can't trust Ev1n.


An hour long interview of varying audio quality. May be someone would volunteer to do a brief summary?



Be Aware im not a native english Speaker so if someone wants to confirm after this or think i missed something freel free to add to it. Be Aware that this is about NA Server and some Infos from supertest so dont to balistic when this Change before they go live quoting but that WG Person said this or that.


They aim for a patch cycle around 3 weeks. Not minor bugfixes but Major reworks.


They perception of Warthunders enty in the Topic of ships is one of ist a good Thing to get People interested in the Topic rather than something they Need to adress as competion.


They testing out Options about Testdriving premiums for a day or so either "renting" a ship thogh a Mission or so. They seems to do so in China.


They are concerned about the peception some People have over some prem ships based on the limited Infos you get out of the flavor Texts only.


One of the Interviewers were concerned about Bismarks secondarys geting nerfed but it wasnt confirmed or deneyed. On that Topic he said they tested diverent Things on the high Tir BBS becore seteling to sonar because they feelt they "needed" something.


The datas on the reduced Repair costs at high tir suprisingly only slightly increaded the Players playing games there.


Diferent Gamemodes are tested on Superstest (I think he reffered to the capture airfield syle that was metioned on the earlyer interview vid) They are still concerned about making high tir gameplay gameplay more dynamic.


There were some discusion about how thertain mechanics work like Dispersion, Plunging fire Penetration over range. He metioned a pen indicator next to your crosshair but that was rather vage. Some mechanics have rather complicated calculus so giving that to the Players wouldnt nessesary mean they could make use of it.


He also mentioned how the Report System works and why thertain Things like AFK are not in the list (they are picked up atomatically) and how burning more than one Report on a person by a single Player dont do anything more than just reporting him once.


He metioned that the best way to get on Supertest is to show that you can wirte detailed constructive Reports in the test Season Topics. Its noted that being on Supertest require you to spend a good amongh of time on it and is not for everyone taste.


British CL will have teh ability to single Fire Torps on top of the normal 2 Option. They not planing to give teh ability to others thatn RN CL at the Moment.


They discused CV in gerneral and that they think about reworking it without deluting the skillceiling that makes it up now They also dicused the RNG of DB vs the skillbased Torpedo Bombers but so real solution metioned. On that Topic he said while its clear that RN CV will be the next CV line released (just not soon) they have not settled for a specal flavor since they Need to decide how revamp the class as a whoule 1st.


He agreed on they messed up on Ranked with the fling by sudenly seting a Price that required People to do Things in the past they didt know about. He said they wanted to more clear about Things like this in the future. It will come pretty soon and it will utilize the new MM. Tir its finalized. Changes on how the loser star works but not finalized either. The requirements for Flint wont Change but they thinking of ading another layer for thouse that have her.


When asked if Prinz Eugen will be amongh the next ships released he said it will be among then (indicating something else get before?) but pretty soon. He also metioned one prem ship will be able to be bought from the techtree also at its 1st apearence.


Teambattles will be Held back because they want to do some Major reworking there.Not much infore there because they have finalized anything yet but likely to the end of the year


No Clanwars this year. Clantags Clanchat will come soon (in the next few Patches ) Layer 2 (next step)is clanmissions He metioned suporting ranked clan divisions but (hopefully) it was a offhand remark.


No 2ed polnish DD this year. Thogh metioning that if there a strong comunity there might be a prem ship for that to increase interrest (south ameriaca was metioned.


There was a question asked about worchester and some other US cruiser but i couldnt refind the part and if posible i didnt wanted to rehear the whole a 3rd tine plus there

were no reall infor about that as far as i remembered anyway.


Tryed to get this as opinonfree as posible thogh i certainly will say a bit about what i think about that in the discusion Topic. If i missed something really important or did get something wrong

dont be afraid to corect me.


​Edit:B Bolt Writen: requested changes/spelling Errors rewording autocorections ,-)

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The Q&A by Sub_Octavian dated August 22, 23, 25, 30 and September 1


Source: http://forum.worldof...st__160#topmost


There is a lot of material. Below is a first summary, subject to possible (small) corrections.


On main guns:

Q. The performance of the Scharnhorst 283mm BB shells are inconsistent compared to similar guns on other ships. They cannot citadel battleships even at close (10km) ranges, whereas similar guns of higher tier German ships, or, for example, the 220mm guns of the Moskva can. Secondly, the plunging fire at medium ranges (15-18 km) also does not penetrate battleships.

A. This is not terribly inconsistent, given the actual characteristics of the shell. We do not see a problem in the game balance either. The lack of citadels is compensated by the rate of fire other qualities of the ship. I would not necessarily say that plunging fire should penetrate the deck of a battleship at medium ranges in general.

Q. Can you comment on how the occurrence of penetrations has changed following the change in shell normalization in 0.5.10? Cruisers with calibers up to 155mm and battleships with calibers up to 305mm appear to have stopped causing citadel hits.

A. Can you specify which ships have this issue?

Q. Over-penetrations cause the same damage, no matter if I hit the bow, the midship, the citadel, or the stern. Is this acceptable?

A. We do not see it as a big problem. An over-penetration indicates the wrong choice of ammunition.

Q. Do you plan to add more information on the thickness armor that can be penetrated by a given gun, similar to WOT.

A. We are thinking about summarizing this information in an accessible manner.


On secondaries and AA:
Q. The highest average AA-dpm of the Atlanta is 876 per second. Taking all the relevant upgrades and lower level skills give you 146, manual AA priority raises it to 292, and Heightened Alert triples it to 876. Is this correct?

A. Yes.

Q. Does AFT skill boost the secondaries of the Scharnhorst?

A. Yes. The AFT skill boosts the secondaries, regardless the caliber of the main battery.

Q. Do secondaries have an aura similar to AA?

A. No. The secondaries are aimed and fired individually, subject to all hull design and other limitations.

Q. In the game settings, we have a checkbox to "Enable AA & Secondary Guns if Priority Target Set". What does it mean?

A. It means that when manually setting the target, they will activate even if they have been deactivated previously using the P-key.

Q. Player reports and tests on bots show that the 128mm secondaries on the German battleships are very fragile.

A. We are aware this problem and will fix it in version 0.5.11.

Q. It is very difficult to compare the accuracy of the guns in game. Do you plan adding a characteristic for comparing the relative accuracy to the client.

A. No, as the issue is quite complex and would require more than one metric.

Q. I am glad that you nerfed the mid-tier ship carriers, but don't you think that also the high-tier AA needs to be nerfed? The AA of high-tier American battleships is too strong.

A. No. If you spec your American high-tier battleships for AA, which is known to be their strong point, at a cost of improving other qualities, you should rightfully expect them be effective plane killers.


On torpedoes:
Q. How do torpedoes scatter? Sometimes several torpedoes hit one section of the target, whereas other sections remain unhit.

A. Torpedoes belonging to each salvo scatter about the centerline of the aiming template, which may cause bunching of torpedoes when firing from multiple launchers at longer ranges.


On bombs:
Q. How do bombs scatter?

A. There are two elipses governing the deviations from the aiming point. Each ellipse having its own distribution parameters.


On ships:
Q. Some higher-tier ships have costly modernizations of questionable value. For example, the guns of the New Orleans, the torpedoes of the Ibuki, or the power unit of the Izumo. Do you plan to make them more effective?

A. We do, but without changing the costs.

Q. Why do destroyers have such a low number of HP in some sections of the hull? A destroyer may take 2-3 torpedoes (some on HP depleted sections) and survive, whereas a cruiser would die.

A. The distribution of HP around the hull is roughly similar for all ship types. The destroyers are smaller, and often carry upgrades and skills that can save them in such situations.

Q. The Kaiser cannot shoot all turrets to one side. Why?
A. It can, but the fire sectors are slightly non-overlapping due to the location of the turrets.

Q. The destroyers get critical engine hits way too often. Why?
A. Because they are fragile. This is compensated by their small size, high speed and stealth.

Q. Why are some ships in stock configuration so bad?
A. We are gradually improving some of the stock ships, without changing the basic concept of game progression.

Q. The Kaiser and Köning did not get stock historical hulls. Why?
A. Because the historical hulls have no AA.

Q. The model of the Scharnhorst does not have the bow anchor seen in historical videos.
A. The model will be corrected.

Q. The maximum speed of the Scharnhorst is lower than mentioned in historical sources. Why?
A. Perhaps the maximum speed cited was attained by overcharging the engine. The actual maximal speed could have been lower. The ships does not need any changes at the moment.

Q. The Mahan hull C loses one turret compared to hull B, yet the indicated firepower of the ship (artillery score) stays the same.
A. We will look into this.

Q. Can a carrier detonate?
A. No. In a carrier, possible areas that may detonate on impact are scattered around the hull, making computing detonations more difficult. In the game, only ammunition bunkers of the main guns can detonate, not torpedoes or the secondaries. Detonations occur as a result of a direct hit by a BB, or a close hit by a HE, bomb or torpedo.

Q. Some ships have an excessive number of spotter planes in reserve. Why?
A. Yes, this is small advantage for the said ships.

Q. The Błyskawica has a detection range of 7.5km, whereas the Kiev has a detection range of 8.7km. Yet the sizes of the models of the two ships are approximately the same.

A. The relative sizes almost never matter, game balance does.

Q. Why did you decide to release the Dunkerque, as opposed to, for example, the Richelieu or the Alsace.

A. We have other plans for them. No further comment.


On matchmaking:

Q. Carriers have a +1/-1 and a mirror balance. How would you balance a division of, say, a tier 5 carrier and a tier 5 cruiser?

A. It is still +2/-2 in theory. But in practice, the need to balance the carrier would rarely put this division in a tier 7 battle. This is a loophole that we plan to close.

Q. After the recent change in the matchmaking, tier 5 ships very frequently get into tier 7.
A. Yes, because of the tier limitations on the tiers 3 and 4 that are meant to make the game more comfortable to new players.

Q. Why do you plan to equip the British cruisers with smoke?
A. Because they are quite fragile, they need means to survive at small and medium distances, where they can do damage and fight the destroyers.

Q. The Kirov sits lower in the water than her sister-ship the Molotov. Why?
A. We will look into this and make changes, but only if this difference affects the performance.



Q. Can we expect ships from the manga (Nagato, Lexington, Bismark), or just from the anime?

A. Please wait for news on the ARP ships.


On other topics:
Q. Do you plan to add the wake? This would make judging a ships speed easier.
A. Yes.

Q. Do you plan to introduce a multi-server client?
A. Not at the moment.

Q. Do torpedoes that missed count for potential damage?
A. Yes.

Q. Why cannot we have a skill metric for the players based on their average ranking in the table of battle results?
A. This method would be very susceptible to farming in low tier games. Any skill metric must be a composite measure, based on several relevant criteria.

Q. The number of AFK bots is appalling!
A. According to our estimates, the number of bots is not that high. The good news is that we plan monetary sanctions for AFK players starting from version 0.5.12.

Q. What about a convoy game mode discussed last year?
A. No comment or information on that.

Q. When can we expect the French captains to start talking French.
A. In 0.5.12.

Q. The India X-ray and the Juliet Whiskey Unaone flags confer bonuses at an increased chance of a detonation. Why would I use such a flag?

A. Hint: Carriers cannot detonate.

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Guys, may I remind you that we agreed to discuss the Q&A in a separate thread here:



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Yes Boys and Girls, we're at it again. Ranked Battles will soon re-commence. And here are a few details we can share for now:


Ship Tiers - VI and VIII

When - Around October to November for the start.


Just a little heads-up for those who want to climb the  ladder again.:child:

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