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Supertest Needs You!

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Tuccy #1 Posted 13 July 2015 - 10:09 AM


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Captains! The Supertest needs you!


Do you want to help us testing various aspects of new builds? New ships? New features? And can you maintain silence?  Then this thread is for you!

You may post your application in this topic after thoroughly reading and understanding the information herein. I will also not reply to any PM's or emails asking for access - and neither will Ev1n :hiding:


The purpose of Supertest is to do extensive pre-testing of builds, focusing solely on stability and bugs, not on player feedback. Expect focused testing and very few actual games being played. Eventually, we aim for this group/server to evolve into something similar to the SuperTest for World of Tanks.

Important: Supertest is not a public test - anything that happens on the Supertest stays in Supertest unless explicitly made public by us.

There is no strict format for your application, but we expect you to include the following information:


  • the current specifications of your PC/Laptop (example in spoiler)
  • your experience in testing software or games
  • a short text on why we should recruit you to the Supertest
  • a short example of a bug report - how you think it should look like. if you do not have any bug fresh in memory, make one up :bajan:


We will check applications periodically and need new testers as needed - expect this round of recruitment to last for roughly 2-3 weeks. We will take into consideration the following:


  • whether or not application contains the required information
  • experience and activity in playing WoWS Closed and Open Beta Test. The required threshold is 50 battles since the CBT wipe.
  • amount and quality of feedback written on WoWS forums (note: this does not necessarily mean amount of posts)
  • adequacy in forum posts and TS communications - The language of EU Supertest is English. We won't add you if we don't understand your posts or language
  • forum and in-game history - especially amount and severity of forum, chat and game suspensions.


Set sail towards the Supertest!




P.S.: Please note that in this topic you  should be able to see only your own posts, not the posts of others.



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